Sabrina Idris Elba Christian Louboutin

Collaboration for a Good Cause

news | Jun 11, 2024

Christian Louboutin, Idris and Sabrina Elba raise $2 million for six charities

Text by Maegan Trusty

To introduce fashion to social justice forges a linkage where creativity greets activism. Powerful messages behind critical social issues can get lost in the translation to fashion, but Christian Louboutin vows to elevate the cause. 

Less than two weeks shy of Juneteenth, Christian Louboutin extends his collaborative relationship with Idris and Sabrina Elba through Walk a Mile In My Shoes (WAMIMS), a capsule collection blending fashion and social justice. The collection's third instalment consists of shoes and leather goods, drawing inspiration from hues and motifs of African culture. Intricate braiding is a relatable experience for many, but in this case, it acts as a metaphor for the friendship forged. 

Sabrina Idris Elba Christian Louboutin Fatima
Sabrina Idris Elba Christian Louboutin Fatima 2

A poignant 2020 discussion with Black Lives Matter movement co-founder, Ayọ Tometi following George Floyd's murder was the precursor to this initiative, as well as a mutual commitment to empathy and social justice. For The Elbas, the partnership isn't simply a labour of love — but a natural progression. The couple have been previously outspoken on their platforms on social justice issues and openly philanthropic. 

WAMIMS has raised a staggering $2 million for six selected charities — The Gathering For Justice, Elman Peace, Immediate Theatre, The Raining Season, Casa 93, and AfriKids — despite still being in its infancy. The initiative is the cornerstone to lifting unheard voices of young talent in the US, UK, France, Ghana, and Sierra Leone on their creative journeys. Christian Louboutin and the Elbas not only underscore their friendship, but amplify a meaningful message in this ambition.