It’s rare that a jumper serves as the inspiration for a perfume. But if anyone was going to do it, it would be Bella Freud, and do it she did. A year ago Freud added four slogan scents (Ginsberg is God, Je T’aime Jane, 1970 and Bella Freud) to her iconic clothing and lifestyle brand following the success of her sell-out candles. This week, in partnership with the famed perfumer Azzi Glasser, Freud launches Close to My Heart, her fourth fragrance which is available from today in an exclusive pop-up shop at Fenwick of Bond Street.

In a beautiful scarlet bottle, nestled inside a velveteen and silken drawer-case, Close to My Heart is as luxurious as it looks. Like putting on a warm, cashmere jumper it’s a sensuously floral blend of tuberose, neroli, rose de mai and jasmine with deeper base notes of patchouli, moss, sandalwood, black musk and oud. It’s sexy without making a song and dance about it, typically feminine and lasts well into the evening. We love that there is a a sentimentality to the fragrance and we’ll be certainly keeping it close to our hearts, as well as our necks, earlobes and wrists!

Bella Freud Close to My Heart, 50ml, £95, is available now at Fenwick of Bond Street.