The story goes that the Japanese brand Suqqu developed their patented Gankin facial massage technique while working in the film industry with actresses who were required to play parts much younger than their real ages. The traditional technique lifts and sharpens the facial contours by improving lymph and blood circulation – it will have you looking 10 years younger in three minutes. We wanted a slice of this firming and de-sagging action so Shumana from Suqqu walked us through each step of the Gankin, from the application of the ginseng-infused Musculate Massage & Mask Cream, through every massage action, right up to the final step of applying the Face Refresher R. We love this quick-fix facial workout for days when our face feels tired, sullen and dull – it’s a wake-up workout for the face

Gankin Facial Massage sessions with professional instruction last 30 minutes and cost £40, they are available in both Selfridges and Fenwick of Bond Street. The full menu of treatements here can be viewed here.