“When we started out we were thinking about how a modern couple could shop for and use skincare products together,” recounts Matthew Malin, one half of Malin + Goetz – the contemporary skincare brand who last year opened two London shops. “We wanted to make products that would work for all skincare types and look good in a small New-York bathroom.” And oh boy do these products look good; simple white packaging and no-nonsense labelling. With simplicity at its core, Malin + Goetz is a brand that focuses on good cleansing and moisturising, and they apply this simple technique to their haircare and bodycare lines too.

Now 13 years old, Malin + Goetz have nine stores and each has a unique architectural identity: “From a design perspective we want every story to have a genuine experience, often this is influenced by the geographical location of the store or with the particular architect who we are working with,” explains Andrew Goetz. We caught up with the pair at their Monmouth Street store, designed by Jonathan Tuckey Design, just as the brand launches a new eau de parfum version of its celebrated Dark Rum fragrance.

Shop Malin + Goetz at Monmouth Street, London, Upper Street, London and online