If the name Andrew Goetz sounds familiar it's likely because of the NY-born apothecary Malin + Goetz that he founded with his partner Matthew Malin back in 2014. You might also remember that we caught up with the pair over the summer, where they discussed how focusing on results driven, scientifically advanced formulas for gentle skin, hair and body care has helped make their brand a household name. 

Well, Goetz has extended his expertise in personal care to fragrance with the launch of Atelier Bloem: a collection of 6 fragrances inspired by Amsterdam’s flower markets. Goetz lived in Amsterdam in the 1980s and fell in love with the Dutch tradition of obsessively changing household flower arrangements on an almost daily basis. For him, flower markets – Bloemenmarkt in dutch – were a special place filled with colour and rich scents. When moving back to New York, he made sure creating his own elaborate garden was a core part of his life there.

After smelling each of Goetz's fragrances it's not hard to understand his love all things floral. Our favourite, Iris, is inspired by the Van Gogh's famous depictions of the flower, often considered some of his most beautiful work. Groetz wanted this fragrance to capture the creative spirit inspired by the flower and with sweet top notes of cardamon and rain forest orchid and middle notes of star jasmine and rose water, he did an excellent job. A spritz is sure to add a dose of energy and inspiration to your day.  

To shop the Atelier Bloem fragrances, head to Liberty.com.

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