A fail-safe beauty set that also doubles as a conversation starter is the holy grail of Christmas gifting – and Aēsop’s seasonal kits have got it down pat! This year’s series, ‘The Enigmatic Mind’, takes inspiration from influential social experiments conducted between the 1950s and 1970s, and offers a delicious dive into the worlds of psychology and, naturally, skincare. 

Our favourite of the range is the Concord Set, based around the 1954 Robbers Cave Experiment, in which 22 twelve-year-old boys were split into groups to compete for limited resources. Factions went from an intense hatred for one other when in competition, to blissful harmony when solving more trivial problems in the final stages of the experiment. How’s that for some dinner table chat? Pass the popcorn...

The kit itself is comprised of three delightful products: ‘A Rose By Any Other Name’ Body Cleanser, infused with hydrating rose-petal oil; ‘Resurrection’ Hand Balm, which blends mandarin rind, rosemary leaf and cedar atlas into a rich, moisturising cream; and, finally, ‘Immediate Moisture’ Facial Hydrosol, a misting spray to vanquish dry skin and revive the senses (and, of course, the mind). 

Enlighten yourself  with the rest of Aēsop’s ‘The Enigmatic Mind’ collection:
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