Some brands are Instagram brands. Which is to say that some brands find their people, their feel, their mojo, via Instagram. Immunocologie is one of these brands. Nevertheless, while it is omnipresent on our discover pages, more importantly, it is effective: these sleek, monochrome products are worth their spot in every bathroom #shelfie we’ve thus far seen. Launched in 2014, the range has only recently become available on British shores, so finally our beauty appetites are satisfied by this 100% natural and organic skincare line. But far from hippy-dippy, wishy-washy organic jargon, Immunocologie has efficacy at its core, supported by an ethical and highly unusual list of ingredients.

Founded by skincare aficionado Karen Ballou after she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, the brand focuses on the use of French green clay, which Ballou was recommended to use so as to naturally reduce inflammation in her body. Sourced from volcanic earth in southern France, the clay is supercharged with minerals to detox and purify the skin especially when used in conjunction with Immunocologie’s host of chemical-free ingredients: borojo extract, hailing from the Colombian rainforests, Balanites roxburghii seed oil, which is rich in fatty acids and reduces inflammation, and snail mucin – or rather snail slime – which has been used in Korean skincare for years as an enzyme that helps skin cells to regenerate. By focusing on the health of the immune system, on the balance of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients, the skin is allowed to breathe free of synthetic chemicals. And Ballou’s emphasis is not just on using unusual ingredients from across the world, the brand is committed to supporting local communities with educational partnerships and training programmes. Here are our healthy, heavenly Immunocologie heroes:

Vital Clay, 100ml, £120

First impressions count and oh boy, this Vital Clay makes a good one. Lift the lid to a heavenly symphony of scents and inside you’ll find a potent, thick clay mask that is enriched with Immunocologie star ingredient, raw earth clay. This mask purifies and detoxifies, pulling out the impurities from deep within the skin, like all great clays it’s perfect for tightening up the pores and generally leaving the face with a more even texture and appearance.

Super 7 Elixir Face, 30ml, £240

How can we put this more simply? This is the snail one.
But we promise that there is nothing slimy or bad smelling in it: this delightfully scented, super light serum is rich with snail mucin enzymes to break down dead skin cells and encourage a faster cell turnover. The other ingredients – rosa canina seed oil, vitis vinifera and borojó extract – work together to brighten and nourish. Try it, we dare you.

Oxygen Treatment Crème, 50ml, £160

Much more than a mere night cream, the unctuous soufflé texture of this treatment cream has more of a detoxifying function than a simple hydrating one. The lactic and glycolic acids help to break down residual dirt while the magnesium sulfate is key to supporting collagen and elastin production. A generous slather two to three times a week in place of your normal night treatment is our prescription.

Body Serum, 100ml, £100

A body serum feels like a no brainer, especially when so many of us struggle with dry and dehydrated skin on our bodies that even the thickest of lotions won’t shift. This new one from Immunocologie contains African desert seed oil and
Brazilian protium heptaphyllum resin – which is effectively the resin from Amazonian trees that has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties – and leaves the skin looking one hell of a lot more healthy. Apply it all over before bed or layer up underneath your favourite body moisturiser for a boost of skin radiance.

Exfoliating Lotion, 100ml, £120

This is one for the exfoliation averse – for those who find physical granules too harsh or too bothersome. The glycolic and lactic acids in this lotion melts away built up grime that a cleanser won’t lift – think SPF residue and general city dirt. Ideal for skins that are sensitive or reactant, it’s not harsh or astringent and can be left on or rinsed off depending upon your level of acid tolerance. It’ll be the scrub of your life, but without the scrubbing.

Immunocologie is available to buy from Urban Retreat at Harrods, Cult Beauty and Fenwick of Bond Street.