Think of face powder and see great swirling clouds of dust waft through the air, leaping from a raised pouf. It’s an evocative image, but powders seem to have fallen a little out of favour with the current mode for a glossy, dewy, healthy glow. However, it is still possible to square the equation: to retain a dewy complexion without having a reflective oily T-Zone, because some beauty brands are launching new powder products that keep you looking healthy without the shine. The perfect powder needs to be applied with a big, good-quality brush with the excess powder blown-off the ends. Dust the brush over the top and sides of your nose, over the chin and forehead, leaving the cheeks delightfully dewy. Get this wrong and you’ll be looking like Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, get this right and you’ll be regretting all the mean things you said about powder.

Glossier Wowder and brush

Now that Glossier is finally on sale in the UK, and we no longer need to resort to asking favours of well-traveled friends across the Atlantic, our first purchase will be the brand’s newest product: Wowder. With very little coverage, comes very little anxiety about a chalky finish, which is exactly why we love Wowder because it’s buildable, barely-there and breathable. Available in three shades, we’re also loving the brush that you can buy with it – pink perfection. 

Suqqu Oil Rich Glow Loose Powder

Suqqu’s new Oil Rich Glow Loose Powder is beautifully lightweight and finely milled. Like all Suqqu products, it’s understated yet hardworking, the epitome of “no make-up make-up”. It sets makeup with just a hint of light-refracting reflective sheen that gives glow. Apply it with one of Suqqu’s famous brushes.

By Terry Compact-Expert Dual Powder

This is the first “hybrid” powder we’ve ever encountered. The clever doughnut outer ring comprises a mattifying powder, while the centre contains an iridescent blush-come-highlight. In eight shades, each compact is designed around complementary tones that leave the complexion looking satisfyingly rosey and sculpted.