A cold wind’s a blowin, which means there are two things to be excited about: opaque tights and breaking into the autumn face oils. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past three years, you will have noticed the sudden prevalence of face oils. Nourishing, hydrating and smelling damn fine to boot, they are the perfect product for transitioning one’s skin from summer to autumn. Heating and wind can mean the complexion dries out, which is what the healing properties of a good targeted oil will combat. Remember, even if you have oily skin then you can use oil: fact. Our pick of autumnal oils are on the “heavy” side, which means they are best applied at night and not under make-up so the skin has time to absorb all their goodness.

De Mamiel Autumn Facial Oil
Another French beauty secret, de Mamiel products are based on Chinese medicine so the ingredients are considered and effective. It contains patchouli and geranium bonbon to calm post-summer skin. The oil is hand blended, while the citrus oils rejuvenate and brighten the complexion. Did we mention that it smells D-I-V-I-N-E?

Sunday Riley Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil
Ahhh Sunday Riley, how you tease us with your fine ingredients and big price tags! Juno is the original oil from this now cult brand, containing 100% organic pressed plant seeds this is an essential-oil free blend so it’s suitable for sensitive or reactive skin types. This knocks back redness and inflammation over night, so if you’ve been mistreating your skin this summer (and maybe going a little light on the SPF) then use Juno for some first aid.

Aesop Fabulous Face Oil
Launched all the way back in 1998, Aesop’s Fabulous Face Oil paved the way for the face oil comeback in a market that was saturated with oil-free moisturiser and silicon-rich serums. With evening primrose oil, macadamia seed oil, juniper berry, ylang ylang and jasmine petal, this is a soothing oil that smells, like everything Aesop touches, aromatic and fresh. This is one for the most parched and dry of skin.