Among the sleek mustard suits, velvet wrap dresses and joyful floral prints in Jason Wu’s autumn/winter 2017 collection was a small, ominous gold chain bag that models carried down the runway. Unbeknown at the time, it was housing Wu’s first fragrance. The perfume wasn’t even announced yet, but Wu did a good job of creating a buzz around the tiny bag, and what was inside.

The concept of making a perfume that you literally carry with you everywhere as a purse was Wu's way of playfully exploring the obsession women have with their fragrances. After smelling it, it’s not hard to understand why you’d want to carry it at all times. Inspired by the sweet smells of his childhood in Taiwan, the heart of the fragrance is jasmine sambac, a flower that’s rich in memories for Wu. It also features soft notes of peony and lilies of the valley ensuring a light, fresh fragrance for Wu’s signature glamorous woman. Yes please!

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