Monday morning, and we’re back to work after a heady weekend of sun-worshipping and celebrating (in case you hadn’t heard, #it’scominghome). It’s now – away from the context of balmy evenings and alfresco festivities, and mid-face-planting our third caffeinated beverage of the day thus far – that the realisation slowly dawns that our newly inherited ‘summer glows’ are perhaps a little less ‘sun goddess’ and a hella’ lot more ‘Brit-on-tour’.

Cue the after-sun lotions and potions that will come to the rescue, helping our hair, skin and everything in-between to take the heat of the sizzling season.

Sisley – Paris, Sunleÿa Age Minimizing After Sun Care
We know the spiel… You fully intended to slather on the sunscreen before stepping outside, but not wanting to miss a minute of the few-and-far-between British rays, and making the most of the warm and yada yada yada. The fact is, that half-arsed job has left you feeling pretty sore – and sorry for it! Sisley – Paris knows this scenario all too well, which is where its all-in-one Sunleÿa Age Minimizing After Sun Care saviour steps in. Quick to get to action, the soothing botanical-scented formula repairs and calms the dreaded lobster look, reversing any long-term damage with anti-ageing and collagen-boosting alkekengi calyx extract, and moisturising with a cocktail of shea butter, Vitamin E and pro-Vitamin B5. Now, who feels cool…

Institut Esthederm – Tan Prolonging Body Lotion
The clever folks at Institut Esthederm have been refining their acclaimed after-sun range for over 35 years, so you can bet your burnt-bottom dollar that they really know their stuff. They also know what we want – namely, a sun-kissed summer glow that sticks around. So, working with the body and training it to play ball, their Tan Prolonging Body Lotion does just that – fortifying the skin at a cellular level to stimulate the production and distribution of the pigment melanin, while cunningly combating free radical damage. Slap it on (but not too hard… Ahem, sunburn!), as soon as you’re in the shade to regain water balance, calm redness and to deepen the result of your hard graft of basking in the sun.

Davines – SU Aftersun Replenishing Mask
Hair-care in the sun often goes overlooked – and if you’re guilty of scrimping on your locks’ UV protection in the hope that tresses are tough-as-nails (FYI… They’re not!), you’re going to need a replenishing and nourishing mask by way of Davines. The initial UV damage may be invisible to the naked eye, but take our word for it that after a long day of cooking under the heat, your strands will be more than grateful for some TLC. With shea butter working its magic on softening and hydrating down to the root and citrus myritolia (from the myrtle-leaved orange tree) turning back the sun’s damage, it’s an indulgent treatment we could get used to using all year round.

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