It’s a truth universally acknowledged that there are two things that Bank Holiday Weekends are good for: Exercising your dance moves and, on the flip side, lengthy sessions of chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin (and so on).

Setting the scene for the ultimate unwind should never be a half-arsed effort, and you can bet your bottom dollar that we’re going all out to imitate an indulgently decadent spa in the comfort of our own casa – and, the good news is that so can you! Prepare for peak pamper sesh.

*hangs ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on door*

True relaxation is achieved only when all of the senses are appealed to; a fragrant candle of calming, fruity yet earthy notes via Tom Daxon will set the tone for the most soul-soothing of baths, and a couple of capfuls of Therapie Roques O’Neil’s aromatherapeutic Himalayan Detox Salts – added in under the running water – will pave the way for a spirit-lifting and stress-alleviating soak. To wash away the dirt of the day (ta’, London!), we bank on Perricone MD for its Blue Plasma Cleansing Treatment, which wipes the canvas clean for a good restorative face mask. Our hero product for pampering? Blended with unique oils and extracts and boasting a honey-infused kaolin clay-base, Eve Lom's Rescue Mask takes the top spot for its ability to banish blemishes, redness and puffiness.

All of this needn’t stop when you ‘pull the plug’ (so to speak). Bjork & BerriesRe-activating Body Serum of raw ingredients that are indigenous to the Northern forests of Sweden, is a decadent treat for the limbs, complete with a sense of calm to carry everywhere with you. 

Belinda Carlisle was right. Heaven is a place on earth! 

Spoil yourself rotten and indulge to the highest degree with our pamper-prepped edit:

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