City-wise, we’re fairly savvy in the matter of anti-pollution products that keep those pesky free radicals, fumes and daily UV rays at bay. But, as new research will tell, our uphill beauty battle doesn’t stop there… Increased exposure to HEV (high-energy visible) light – chalk that to our digital dependence of anything that has a screen – poses just as big of a threat to our skin as the former and familiar foes.

Would that it were possible to abandon ship (read: our desks) altogether – “It’s for the sake of our skin, Susan!” – however, since it’s not, we’ve got you covered with a few skincare saviours to keep handy in that top drawer of yours…

Dr Sebagh – Supreme Day Cream
Dr Sebagh is one such fellow that you could call ‘ahead of the curb’, for his Supreme Day Cream was one of the first on the market to specifically protect against the perils of harmful HEV light. Created with a form of melanin compound (that shields the skin from said rays), and coupled with shea butter, rosehip oil and nourishing apple and watermelon extracts, this moisturiser doesn’t just hydrate – rather it deflects dangerous glares, like the true hero that it is.

VERSO – Antioxidant Turmeric Booster
A staple of Ayurveda’s ancient wellness system, turmeric has been leading the way this year thanks to its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. This is something that Lars Fredriksson of Verso was quick to pick up on – harnessing its prowess in an Antioxidant Turmeric Booster that, well, gives your skincare an added boost! Partnered with Vitamin E, oat lipids, oils and microalgae, in the presence of this powerhouse, UV-radiation ain’t got much choice other than to take a hike!

AMLY Botanicals – Digital Detox Facial Mist
spritz a day keeps complexion woes away! Such is especially the case with AMLY Botanicals’ re-energising and mineral-rich Digital Detox Facial Mist, which protects against the onslaught of being perennially plugged in. Promoting clarity of mind with its woodsy floral scent, while simultaneously combatting the irritation that electromagnetic fields inflict on the skin’s sacred barrier, this natural mist is never far out of our reach.