If the convoluted world of skincare leaves you feeling a little lost, don’t fight it... Simply explore the possibilities instead! Cue The Lost Explorer, a unisex and entirely sustainable wellness brand that takes skin on an adventure into new, nourished territories.

Intrepid founder of the brand, Dr David de Rothschild, is no stranger to far-flung lands and following trails of discovery. Trained as a naturopath and an avid explorer to boot (he has skied across both North and South Poles, and has successfully sailed a boat made of recycled plastic bottles from San Francisco to Sydney), he is more than qualified to help you navigate your way through the urban jungle of daily life.

His eco-friendly, chemical-free range divides into five sensible functions – hydration, exfoliation, cleansing, restoration and protection – each as paramount as the last in maintaining skin’s optimum condition. There’s the lightweight Marula Head-to-Toe Nourishment Oil – an anytime, anywhere product that restores vitality to skin and hair, and the profits of which are donated to the Sculpt The Future Foundation. Then, there’s the Volcanic Face Scrub (N.B. we’re definitely not just saving it for our faces), which offers an eruptive start to your morning and promises to melt away wake-up struggles.

In short, it would seem that – on occasion – it pays to feel a little lost…

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