The Gentle Label is styled alongside Amy Somerville. 

There’s natural beauty, and then there’s bona fide organic beauty... The Gentle Label falls well and truly into the latter camp, thanks to its newly launched non-toxic, vegan skincare and home-cleaning products, which ring in a whopping 70% organic, plant-based ingredients on the whole. (Where possible, these come accredited by the UK’s leading body for organic certification, the Soil Association.)

Pared-back and simplistic in design and ethos, this British-made brand is the epitome of what it means to be minimalist, including only the essential ingredients with no fillers and nasties in sight. As it writes: “Fewer products with fewer ingredients mean reduced consumption, less waste, and clutter.” Plus, pushing its considered approach further, sustainability is at the core of its model – with safety and fairness held in the utmost importance all the way down the supply chain.

At the hands of Gentle Label, your skincare routine needn’t be convoluted: There are just a few essentials to bank on in the beauty launch, among them being a Face Wash and Face Mist


Gently foaming away the build-up of daily grime, the 90.3% organic Face Wash calls on the help of willow bark, witch hazel, elderflower, apple and green tea to shed dead cells, control excess oil and act an as anti-inflammatory – all while providing a dose of antioxidants and keeping your skin’s natural oils firmly in situ. Elsewhere, the 68% organic mist hydrates, soothes and revives tired complexions with natural antiseptic rose water and witch hazel to refine pores and prevent blemishes...

We’re sold!

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