Hand-picked, harvested and extracted from an organic farm in the South Australian hills of Adelaide, Jurlique’s production line couldn’t sound more postcard picturesque if it tried!

Skincare is about as natural as it gets at this Aussie brand, headed up by German couple, Jurgen and Ulrike Klein – a biochemist and botanist respectively – who follow strict organic and biodynamic rules, and extract their botanicals through a unique three-stage 'Bio-Intrinsic' process. In layman’s terms, this effectively means drawing out and isolating a raw material’s potent elements to intensify their benefits, whilst simultaneously ensuring that no plant matter and goodness is wasted. 

Striving continuously to further push the possibilities of harnessing the best that Mother Nature has to offer, Jurlique’s five-piece Herbal Recovery Signature range – which draws on concentrated antioxidant-rich Viola tricolour extract – marks the next evolution of natural skincare, and is one to note for its revitalising, restorative and firming superpowers.

Comprising a serum that namechecks red clover flower as its hero ingredient (thanks to an ability to enhance the hydration role of hyaluronic acid); an intense moisture mist that’s bolstered by nasturtium to improve circulation and even-out skin tone; an eye cream that’s loaded with Persian silk tree extract to fix all peeper-related problems; and a protective moisturiser and lightweight hydrating lotion, both calling on Japanese cedar bud to help skin feel firmer, it practically covers all bases in your daily routine.

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