If you’ve ever wondered what it was that Cleopatra did to get Antony all of a flutter, the not-so-sordid secret (in our opinion, anyway) lies in skincare… Because, what the notorious Egyptian Queen chose to reserve for her bathwater, is now getting its kudos in modern day beauty!

Joining the ranks of squalane and retinol for its spotlight-worthy supercharged properties, farm-fresh Goat's Milk – you heard right – is recommended in liberal doses by Kate Somerville, one of Los Angeles’ most-esteemed skincare experts. With naturally occurring lactic acid to alleviate dry and sensitive skin, and antioxidants aplenty that yield brighter, healthier complexions, it’s nothing short of a healing miracle. On-board? We thought so!

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Somerville’s sensitive skin-approved Moisturising Cream, for example, blends the lactose from Goat’s Milk with jojoba, grape seed, Vitamin E and avocado oils to glide on for a glorious base glow – both morning and evening – while her easy-application, twist tube De-Puffing Eye Balm targets under eyes with soothing and cooling natural milk proteins, as well as the mineral and vitamin-rich Manuka honey that promises to give you refreshed peepers around the clock.

Click here to shop Goat Milk De-Puffing Eye Balm by Kate Somerville.

Make like the Queen of the flippin’ Nile, no less, and be the first to experience the UK launch.

The Kate Somerville train is leaving the station… And we’re on board! Hope on for the ride, here:

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