"I think about the microbiome as our own personal rainforest," explains Marie Drago, the charismatic founder of Gallinée and member of the French Society of Cosmetic Science, who boasts over 15 years of experience as a Doctor of Pharmacy. "Like a rainforest, the balance is fragile and we don’t know everything about it yet."

A vocal advocate that what we put onto our bodies can be informed by what we put into them, Marie was inspired to create Gallinée’s unique prebiotic and probiotic formulations after following a similarly regulated diet for her chronic gluten intolerance, and seeing an improvement in her symptoms. Determined to harness the good bacteria that are innately within us, topping them up as and where they need support, Marie’s patented complex liberates the helpful micro-organisms from their blanket 'bad' reputation, and is specifically designed to aid imbalance-caused inflammations in the skin, from sensitivity to eczema and acne: "Probiotics are an up-and-coming area in beauty. Good bacteria stimulates the immune system and proves very effective; it’s good that people are starting to ask questions!"

The latest launch in the Gallinée range – joining a roster of products that include a soap-free cleansing bar (£10), packed with a pH 5.8 formulation of prebiotics and lactic acid, a radiance-improving serum (£45) that’s concentrated in probiotic, prebiotic and postbiotic actives and ingredients of 92% natural origin, and a soothing hand cream (£12) specifically targeted to defend against environmental aggressors – is a UK-first Face Vinegar-cum-replenishing toner... But, don’t let the name put you off!

"It doesn’t have a strong smell," Marie laughs. "Vinegar has been used in France and Korea as a cleansing skincare product for years! I remember my Mother and Grandmother using it a lot, but I’ve never seen it like this in England." In fact, far from the astringent connotations of that Sarson’s you sprinkle liberally on your fries, this beautifying elixir whiffs pleasingly of Hibiscus Vinegar, extracted from the Central America-native flora.

Purifying the skin by gently dislodging dirt and unhealthy bacteria, regulating the sebum with tannins, deflecting the daily punches from free radicals and reducing oxidative stress, and calming irritated skin with Actibiome, Gallinée’s novel Face Vinegar (£23) sees your traditional toner and raises you an all-singing, all-dancing powerhouse with the potential for greatness. "Good bacteria helps to balance-out the bad, making the skin’s problems easier to treat," says Marie. "I just want to make the best product possible."

If you ask us, she might have just cracked it...

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