Long have I experimented with my tresses: Bleaching and toning regularly, and occasionally saying “Yes!” to playing guinea pig for a free chop. Long have I also attempted to grow my hair past the same awkward mid-length stage, to no avail.

A big reason that my hair will only grow to a certain length is because of its condition. So, when I learned of Michael Van Clarke’s 3" More Inches Hair Care Range, which sets out to do exactly what it says on the tin – extending the life and length of your hair – I was veeeeery keen to find out more.

Making a swift beeline to the Marylebone salon via an appointment with (seriously good) stylist, Lamphane – who snipped and shaped away with Michael’s signature Diamond Dry Cut Technique – I left, sans my dead ends, and suitably kitted out with all of the essentials for my three month quest to surpassing that length.

Developed using advanced technologies, the 3” More Inches range excels for its unique ability to deeply penetrate the hair shaft; repairing broken bonds and helping to protect hair from future damage, it harnesses naturally derived cashmere amino acids that closely match the molecular structure of human hair.

When it comes to cleansing and conditioning hair, it’s a three-pronged attack with a Pre-wash Treatment, a Shampoo and a Conditioner.

Liberally applying from root to tip before hitting the hay, the Pre-wash Treatment has become my absolute saving grace in taming and conditioning my once-wayward locks. (Note: A towel to cover and protect your pillows is an absolute necessity here!) Silicon and paraben-free – as is the case with all of Michael’s products – this treatment is rich in unadulterated restorative goodness, which encourages longer and stronger hair. Not only is it music to my ears to know that the formula is hard at work at intense conditioning, but I’ve found that my hair has become more and more manageable – complete, always, with a silk-to-the-touch feel after rinsing.


Sticking also to a religious regime of using the 3” More Inches shampoo and conditioner counterparts – that work hand-in-hand to protect against environmental pollution and sun damage, all while rebuilding and strengthening – I’ve found comfort, once more, in the knowledge that these are designed to boost my hair health. (And it’s looking better than it has in a long time!)

In terms of the length itself, I have the Life Extending Hair & Nail Nutrients, packed with folic acid, Vitamin A, zinc, pantothenic acid and copper, to thank for satiating my impatience; helping me with hair growth on a cellular level. The only challenge is actually remembering to take them three times a day! Still, despite my slip-ups, I can vouch I'm well on the way to my longest locks yet, courtesy of Michael Van Clarke.

Get the full 3" More Inches Michael Van Clarke experience:

The Michael Van Clarke salon is at 1 Beaumont St, Marylebone, London W1G 6DF.

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