In beauty terms, putting your 'best foot forward' just got easier with the news that accessories-behemoth Birkenstock has applied itself to natural skincare

Repurposing the principal material of its original signature footbed, the clever folks in Germany have harnessed the anti-aging effects of cork oak extract – by way of a little-known miracle worker, 'suberin' – and masterminded a range of bodycare products that lift the skin and enhance its elasticity. Add to that a magical concoction of arctic moss, argan oil, baobab, aloe vera, elderberry and botanical hyaluron and a single splodge is tantamount to plunging in the fountain of youth itself.

Cork oaks have existed for around 60 million years – so it's relieving to know that the harvesting process is entirely sustainable. Extracting the all-powerful elixir, a renewable raw material, doesn't require any felling of trees nor damage of the plant whatsoever. And, adding icing to the cake, the finished result is vegan, free from animal testing, totally without parabens, and provided in packaging that's completely recyclable. 

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