Probiotics in skincare adopt much of the same philosophy as they do in the maintenance of a healthy gut: balance is key.

Without getting too “hardcore science-y”, probiotics are the microorganisms that produce natural antibiotics – antimicrobial peptides – to nurture the skin's flora, combat bad bacteria and maintain happy pH levels. In short, their role is to keep you ticking away in tip-top condition; quite rightly, they’ve been dubbed the future of skincare, and we're calling out three of the best.

Zelens – Z Balance Prebiotic & Probiotics Facial Mist
Keeping inflammation at bay (adieu to acne, redness and sensitive skin!) and strengthening the skin’s surface against environmental triggers like pollution, sunlight and stress, Zelens has combined the dual force of pre- and probiotics (the former fuelling the latter) in a facial mist to arm you on-the-go. A proprietary blend of five probiotics team up with the shiso leaf for a hit of antioxidants to revive complexions and leave the skin feeling smooth and supple.

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare – Miracle Cleanser
Taking an alternative stance to probiotic technology and using non-live probiotics from bifdo bacteria (as opposed to working on the skin’s surface microbiome and using live bacteria) Aurelia Probiotic Skincare has pushed the boundaries of probiotics with its BioOrganic botanical range. Enriched with calming chamomile, eucalyptus, rosemary and bergamot essential oils, as well as nourishing baobab, hibiscus, kigelia africana, and omega 3, 6 and 9, its award-winning gentle cream Miracle Cleanser removes daily grime, makeup and impurities in one clear sweep (with the help of its antibacterial bamboo muslin cloth) to regenerate and restore your inner glow.

Gatineau – Mélatogénine AOX Probiotics 
An anti-aging ‘youth activating’ beauty serum, Gatineau’s concoction of sorghum juice extract, marine collagen, marine elastin, and the patented ‘Mélatogénine’ collectively fills in and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. With a helping hand from probiotics, it’s quickly bolstered to 'super serum’ status thanks to its added capabilities of increasing the skin’s physical shield, creating a tri-level natural defence system for long-lasting radiance. C’est magnifique!