Innovations in technology are happening and evolving at a rate of knots. The robots aren’t coming… They’re here already!

Almost every day it seems that a new, award-winning invention and solution launches to market, promising to improve the way that we live. It’s a job to keep up – but, it’s one that’s worth doing in the beauty department especially.

Here, we bring you a trio of techie treatments to embrace today: The home facials 2.0!

Aptly named the UFO Smart MaskFOREO’s clever device is out of this world. The most advanced of face masks, this 90-second at-home tool glides across the skin to even-out tone and promote blood circulation and collagen production – all to achieve that coveted glow.

Korean-inspired sheet masks, rich in plant and fruit extracts, botanical oils and natural flower water, meet a medley of futuristic advancements: Hyper-Infusion technology opens the pores before T-Sonic pulsations infuse active ingredients deeply into the skin. Finally, a chilly hit of cryotherapy seals the deal by closing pores and firming the skin.

And if that wasn't enough, a range of LED light therapy treatments (red LED for anti-aging, green for brightening and blue for anti-acne) offer three photo-facials... Consider all bases covered! 

Elsewhere, for a cheeky non-invasive face lift from the comfort of your home (or on the road), NuFACE’s Mini Facial Toning Device is a handy solution that delivers long-lasting, visible results when used five days a week for 60 days, followed by three days a week after that time. Harnessing micro-current technology, this portable product is clinically proven to do what it says on the tin, re-contouring and improving skin tone. We want in.

With your skin suitably primed and hydrated, finally look to Magnitone’s London BlendUp! Vibra-Sonic Make Up Brush to make the coverage application process a flawless one. Using vibrating technology – with 200+ movements per second – this brush massages and stimulates the skin, while ensuring streaks, clogged pores and edge-lines aren’t in sight. Picture perfect!

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