What? Scalp and Hair Collection by Gallinée. 

Why? Because healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp... And no brand does it better!

Marie Drago of Gallinée is a visionary. 

Founding her brand of face, body and hair ranges on a patented complex of lactic acid and pre- and probiotics – after learning how a diet, rich in live microorganisms, could improve her gluten intolerance – the French doctor has been applying the same philosophy to the skin’s microbiome and revolutionising the world of beauty in the process.

Back in October, we celebrated her UK-first ‘Face Vinegar’ (a replenishing toner, of sorts, that follows the same unique philosophy) – and now, Gallinée continues to go where others haven’t, with the unveiling of a first-of-its-kind scalp and hair collection. Though comprised of the same patented properties, it also utilises the power of Fermented Rice Water (an ingredient, long harnessed by Yao women in the ancient Chinese village of Huangluo – also known as the ‘Long Hair Village’), which has never before been used in the West... Until now.

Built on the principles that healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp, the range is gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive of skin, and works hand-in-hand with the scalp’s microbiome to regulate sebum, and reduce itchiness and dandruff. In short, it’s an all-in-one hero that you’ll have a job going wrong with!

Click here to discover the Gallinée Scalp and Hair Collection.

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