What? A cruelty-free Game of Thrones-themed eyeshadow palette from Beauty Bakerie.

Why? This palette has the best name in the game.

If you spent recent weeks wailing over Game of Thrones season eight – and smudging your eyeshadow in the process – then you’re not alone. But don’t fear fellow Westeros dwellers, for Beauty Bakerie has brought a new eyeshadow mix into the cosmetic realm. And it’s smear-proof. Even the Night King can’t hate this one...

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Battle-hardy is one way to describe the palette, which is bolstered with durable pigments to keep your lids coloured all day long. Twelve different shades are your weapons of choice for a fierce look. Ranging from hot pink to shimmer-studded royal blue, they're well-suited to match your party makeup arsenal and would compliment a winged liner.

Lacking in parabens and gluten ingredients, but enriched with mineral oil, the formula locks in moisture and ensures maximum colour opacity. This palette offers fully-vegan shades that can be used in trios for the best result. Above all, it’s certain that your smokey shadow will give Khal Drogo serious competition.

Pro tip: Apply bright colours centrally on the lid, blend out with similar muted shades and pop the darkest tones, like Iron Cone, on the outer crease.  

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