What… The ‘Biotic-Full Eyes Duo’ – of two separate eye creams; one for the upper and one for under – by Orveda

Why… Used post-eye cream lathering, this creamy two-step duo will be pivotal in your self-care regime

They say ‘miracles come in pairs’ – and it’s never been more true than now thanks to a new eye launch from dermatologically-advanced prebiotic-loving brand Orveda, who fuse the best in science in skincare.

Ex-CEO of Lancôme and L’Oréal, Sue Y Nabi – along with co-founder Nicolas Vu – of Orveda have been hard at work creating a dynamic eye duo that banishes the signs of sleepy (read: wine hangover) eyes, without masking the skin so you don’t have to bid adieu to the au naturel look. And it arrives in not one, but two, components: the Under Eye and the Upper Lid, which do what they say on the proverbial tin (note: the creams are housed in glass containers with not a tin in sight!).


Each of the two components have their own jobs, natch. The Under Eye Ironing Peach BB Mousse takes on the role of smoothing, brightening and deeply hydrating for eight hours. Meanwhile, in synergy with its counterpart, the Upper Lid Lift-Effect Cement improves texture, firmness and evenness – ironing out any creases in the skin. Working with the skin and never against, the products excel in their ability to refresh, hydrate and decrease darkness – the latter, as it’s been clinically proven, by a whopping great 18%! 

When it comes to ingredients, think actives upon actives like Botanical Glycerin, Argan Oil, Almond Oil and Hyaluronic Acids, which work to plump out lines around the eyes, alongside Kombucha black tea, which yields a gorgeous glow. To activate this magic – using the handy dandy two black pin-point applicators – utilise both first thing and last thing at night; as a base for either eyeshadow or concealer in the daytime and over your eye cream as you catch your beauty winks. 

With a mission to enhance beauty and never coat the skin unnecessarily, the dermatologically-proven efficacy pair act as a second skin – and are suitable for all skin types. This spans from the very most sensitive skin types to Halal skincare users, vegans and those who are post-procedure. An innovative, lightweight hero, it rivals makeup on all parameters – creating a healthy, bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed look.

Get the glow exclusively online at orveda.com.

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