January can be overwhelming at the best of times: Faced with an entire year stretching out before you, where the world is your oyster and the possibilities unending, knowing where to start and establishing realistic goals can seem like an impossible undertaking.

Often, we’ll look inwards when defining these desires, setting frameworks in place that encompass every facet of our personal existences, be they career- or relationship-orientated. Our diets come into the spotlight, time and again…

Rosemary Ferguson, a model-turned-Harley Street nutritionist – who swapped haute couture for homeopathy – has long advised against the temporary and unsustainable regulations we prescribe to ourselves at this time of year. Her philosophy sees food as self-care; and making our life choices achievable, guides her practice.

Determined not to set ourselves up for a fall this 2019, we spoke to Rosemary to get her five point plan on how to start and, more importantly, continue as we always meant to go on…

Set realistic goals
"One of the biggest mistakes people make when setting resolutions is trying to do too much at once. Don't overwhelm yourself with too many changes – take small steps as they still get you a long way – that way, you're more likely to stay ahead.

With Dry January, Veganuary and the pressure to get back into the gym, it’s no wonder people feel overwhelmed! It’s important to make New Year’s resolutions achievable. You will still be busy with work, social and family engagements, so instead of doing it all at once, decide to make some simple, positive changes, which you can stick to."

Eat mindfully
"Whether you are a ‘live to eat’ or ‘eat to live’ person, bringing a little attention to what you’re putting in your mouths can make big differences to how you feel. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to commit to making time to sit down and eat mindfully and slowly, so we can appreciate how our food is making us feel – considering when we feel full, and whether it is making us feel energised, or sluggish and bloated.

We all live busy lives, rushing from the gym to meetings to drinks, all while eating on-the-go; we’ve lost touch with what ‘mealtime’ means. If we stop and give our bodies time to digest the foods we’re eating – even if it is ‘al desko’ between meetings – then it’ll allow us to absorb all those important nutrients."

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail
"To ensure you’re fuelling your body as best as possible, try to get into a routine of making your own healthy lunches so you’re not relying on shop-made sandwiches or meals, which can be packed with sugar and salt.

Making a batch of healthy stew, packed with veggies, at the beginning of the week means you’ll have ready-made meals rearing to go. At this time of year, it’s great to have a warming lunch as it’ll help give your body a boost when the risk of catching colds and flus is higher. In summer, try to cook up salads with plenty of grains, and try out different seeds or dressings to spice things up!"

Befriend balance
"Food is one of the most powerful tools we have available to us for feeling well and keeping healthy – it’s our fuel, it’s our medicine and for some it brings a lot of joy. There’s no need to deprive yourself: A little bit of what you fancy does you good! It’s about balance. If you love a glass of red wine and a steak every now and then, then you should indulge!

Instead of going on a diet that you’re unlikely to stick to, use the Perfect Plate formula for most of your meals. That is, keep half of your plate for green vegetables, a quarter for lean protein and a quarter for complex carbs."

Don’t forget healthy snacks!
"If we do need to eat on the move then we can help ourselves by being prepared: Carry healthy, energy-boosting snacks at all times! Nuts, seeds and oatcakes are great to keep in your bag. Sugary convenience snacks are prolific in sabotaging efforts, so switch them up for some wholesome goodness!"

Click here to join Rosemary Ferguson and yoga guru Nadia Narain for an evening of holistic wellbeing on 17 January, 2019 at Matches Fashion 5 Carlos Place, London, W1K 3AP. OR click here to sign up for a 5-Day-Plan session with Rosemary. Rosemary Ferguson's Pop Up cafe runs at 5 Carlos Place until 6pm on 24 January, 2019.

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