Just as a little pinch of salt makes everything taste better, so too does it improve a springtime skincare routine – seasoning any daily regime nicely so that it’s ready for, well, the season!

Banishing your skin of dull, dry textures and plumping up your hair in preparation for the sunny months, salty beauty heroes (minus the salty attitude) are your prescription for achieving this year’s warm-weather glow.

So, book up your annual leave and dive deep into our selection of marine and mineral-based products aplenty. Your body will thank you!

Waves For Days
Inspired by the Galapagos Islands, a hit of passion fruit essence is the reason we’re giving this texturising spray our stamp of summer approval. “Enchanting” is a fitting way to describe this delicious concoction (after all, that is basically what it says “on the tin”) – a formula that’s so magical, Ariel herself probably swears by it. Tapping the treasure of the ocean, Rahua infuses pink sea salt and hibiscus flower for a product that, quite literally, provides luscious waves in a bottle... Make sure to pop it into your beach bag for an instant tress lift – and a deliciously tropical fragrance.

Five Star Scrub
Scrub-a-dub your skin with five salt variations, courtesy of Goop and its detox cocktail of exfoliating goodness. Such ingredients include pure unfiltered rose hip and cold-pressed moringa, with Dead Sea salt that will get you feeling blissfully invigorated... Use this full body scrub twice or three times a week, massaging in circular motions to buff away any impurities. “Detox” by name, delightful by nature! Special mention goes to the trio of moisturising oils that will restore your complexion and install an all-important, visible glow.

Salty Submergence
Nothing says “tranquility” like a cucumber-eyed salt bath – and Mauli Rituals is riding the relaxation wave with its Himalayan pink salt blend, to be used once or twice weekly in your tub as the ultimate holiday prep. Hydrate your body and soothe your mind with the heady mix of 13 therapeutic oils and powdered rose quartz; allow the aromatic fragrance to immerse you in a sense of clarity and wash away the stresses of work. (Summer thoughts only!) Jet lag – heck, any lag – will be a thing of the past when these salts are in your arsenal...  And who doesn’t want that? 

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