One of the saving graces of this lockdown period has been the sun. Without it, we'd all be a bit wearier but it's consistent warmth and unseasonable sunny-ness has really help lift spirits. We've even had to invest in sunscreen (more to come soon on some of our faves!) which is a rare occurrence for those of us staying in London. And yet, we all know of the damage the sun does to our skin (Caroline learned first hand that her age spots were sun exposure related from Dr. Stephanie in this pieceso we always welcome a bit of help. 

And Chanel is here to help. Their brilliant Les Beiges range (we're addicted to their tinted moisturizers, the best lightweight sheen that gives a natural "filter" and soft coverage) has a new addition in the form of the Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream.

It comes in a comforting squat, round container, full of swirls of dense, mousse-like texture that is rich in colour. You're meant to use a kabuki brush to dab and blend the bronzer into the areas you'd normally have sun-kissed highlights - cheekbones, nose, forehead alike. It soaks into the skin given its natural-origin wax component, and its formula contains kalanchoe extract (a consistent ingredient in all Les Beiges products) known for skin protection, as well as non-comedogenic coconut oil.

We loved how it glided, melted and enhanced our skin, with a soft glow effect, as if we'd perfected a St. Tropez tan from the 1970s without all the damaging sun exposure! Because who doesn't need a boost on a healthy glow during these days of indoor comfort?

Click HERE to buy the new Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream.

You can buy more from the Chanel Les Beiges range here below:

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