Day 45322 – or so it certainly feels like – and the lockdown uniform consists of a hoody with some conspicuous stains on, gym leggings that have morphed into our skin membranes, and hair thrown back into an unfashionably messy bun: this is an example of someone who really hasn't left their house for quite some time.

And for those who have successfully abstained from going out, their reward is likely to be an unfairly dull and lifeless complexion that a natural exposure to sunlight could easily solve, instead of the gold medal they truly deserve. Sadly, we haven't at Because got the resources to be handing out any physical awards, but we can aid in directing you to the right beauty products that'll rectify said symptom of lockdown skin.

As we know, vitamins are paramount for keeping our body ticking, and the same goes for healthy skin. While the best results for brighter skin would be through a natural intake of nutrients –meaning to feast on lots of fruit and veg – we've found these vitamin-infused skincare saviours to be the quickfix our face is in dire need of. 

Starting with vitamin D, whose natural resource is making it all the more harder to stay inside. While excessive sun exposure is known to cause irreversible skin damage (e.g. premature ageing) 10-15 minutes of sun will give us the daily dose of D we need, which will translate into skin that is able to regenerate quicker, and will eventually look younger. We're vibing these High Potency Vitamin D Treatment Drops from Zelens as the lockdown replacement to catching some rays, as this lipid-replenishing treatment helps to restore the skin’s natural barrier and build skin’s resilience.

Vitamin C, most commonly ingested through oranges and other citrus fruits, is a saviour if your complexion is more on the dull side of the skincare spectrum. As well as brightening qualities, the powerhouse antioxidant combats UV damage, environmental aggressors and tackles uneven skin tone as well as boosting your bodies immunity. The PIXI Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser instantly illuminates, while also gently removing impurities from the skin. Include this in your morning skin routine and add a glass of OJ to breakfast to feel the squeeze of the vitamins benefits.

Whether it be from stress caused by Coronavirus news, or from having your skincare routine – much like our daily routines – go completely out of whack, spots have speared their heads to burden us when we're at our lowest. Ready to save our skin is the superhero who doesn't wear a cape: Zinc. This anti-inflammatory mineral regulates the activity of the oil glands, while also promoting a healthy immune system and the healing of tissue, making it a vital force in the fight against acne and related scarring. This vegan and cruelty free Copaiba & Zinc Perfect Balance Blemish Serum by Pai Skincare champions natural ingredients over synthetic ones, and incorporates the powers of Zinc to minimise the appearances of blemishes.

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