For the debut of his second book, the British photographer Jamie Hawkesworth has eschewed a conventional art gallery for the J.W.Anderson Workshops, the brand’s miniature retail space at the Shoreditch Ace Hotel. An Endless Rhythm is a luxuriously leather-bound edition that screams for a coffee table. “I took the trans-Siberian Express across Russia, from Moscow to a place called Irkutsk, and then from Irkutsk to Olkhon Island on the lake of Baikal,” said Hawkesworth at the intimate launch on Monday night. He has combined photographs from his Russian travels with small etchings he made while on the train. The images nurture the pop-socialist notion of the country, but also deepens our vision on the Eastern world with a signature Hawkesworth warm lo-fi nostalgia.

Between the advertising he shoots for big brands like Miu Miu, Alexander McQueen and Trademark and his personal projects, Hawksworth insists there’s no difference in how he sees his work: “I always struggle with the idea of separating my fashion work and my personal work. It’s all one big thing, and that’s how I approach it in my head.”

The collaboration with J.W.Anderson has been ongoing since 2013, when Hawksworth shot the autumn/winter campaign. “I started doing more editorial work with Jonathan recently, where I photographed and he styled a couple of photoshoots for Man About Town, and it’s nice to work with him in that way as well. When we do the advertising campaigns, he’s always let me and Benjamin Bruno get on with it and do our own thing so we didn’t really have much of a dialogue.”

The J.W.Anderson Workshops is an opportunity for a different type of creative collaboration in the form of limited edition large scale prints – Hawkesworth’s train sketches are screen printed onto beige and white JW Anderson fabrics in limited editions of only 30 per design, targeted to the passionate fans coming from both camps. Retailing at just £90, these souvenirs are made to be the coolest thing you can get under your Christmas tree. Is Jamie swapping his camera for charcoal? “I didn’t consciously sit down and decide I want to to drawings, I just found myself being intrigued by some French artists doing massive charcoal portraits and wanted to try it myself. It’s just a continuation of me exploring the ways of seeing and expressing what it is I’m saying.”

Both Jamie Hawkesworth x J.W. Anderson limited-edition prints and Hawkesworth’s book An Endless Rhythm are available from the J.W. Anderson Workshops, 100 Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JQ.

Text by Dino Bonacic