April 16 is Record Store Day – the moveable feast that brings together arbiters of audio from across the universe... The day is about celebrating this re-emerging format of music, typically with in-store gigs, DJ sets, flash sales, bargain bins, and many limited edition vinyl releases. There’s no other way we’d spend the third Saturday of April each year. These are the sweet spots we’ll be hitting this time around.

Rough Trade East, Shoreditch:

We’re starting the day off at Rough Trade East. As the Daddy Warbucks of London record stores, it’s our safest bet to procure the limited edition presses we’ve been eyeing up. Even better, the store is hosting DJs and bands for an all-day party.

Here's our shopping list:

Xiu Xiu, Plays The Music of Twin Peaks:

Twin Peaks hasn’t been too far from our minds recently, with a third season in the works, and Raf Simons presenting a moody, Lynchian menswear show this January. Australia’s Gallery of Modern Art commissioned experimental artist Xiu Xiu to reinterpret the soundtrack to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. If you thought the TV show is dark, well, this is a new level of macabre hysteria. But it’s a very thrilling listen.

Lush, Origami:

A massive, beautiful Lush boxset is being released on 4AD, containing albums Spooky (1992), Split (1994) and Lovelife (1996) and singles compilations Gala (19990) and Topolino (1996). Have a good listen to the back catalogue before the band reunites next month for London shows.

David Bowie, The Man Who Sold The World:

Parlophone Records are releasing a limited series of beautiful David Bowie picture-vinyl reissues. Our favourite is this German sleeve of the original Mercury Records The Man Who Sold The World.


Hop Burns and Black, Dulwich:

Dulwich’s Hop Burns and Black are keeping it simple: bargain bins, beer and hot sauce. But don’t let that belie the exacting quality of each component. HBB are renowned for their superb craft beer and boutique sauces, and their vast array of beautiful vintage records. It’s a great pitstop for those seeking good vibrations and the finer things in life.

David Bowie pop-up exhibition at 35 Beak St, Carnaby:

The Museum of Soho & The British Record Shop Archive have curated a pop-up exhibition tributing David Bowie. With a focused attention to his love of Soho and its record shops, we’re curious to observe the icon within such a specific narrative, especially one that hits so close to home. We’re excited for the Bowie prints and posters on sale, too.

Secret 7" at Sonos Studio, Shoreditch:

Secret 7” is arguably our favourite part of the RSD in London. A bit of simple math: seven tracks by seven musicians are each pressed into one hundred 7” singles. Seven hundred artists then design a cover each. You buy the art for £50, which goes to Amnesty International. And you don’t know what you’ve bought until you’ve handed over the cash. But rest assured, you won’t be disappointed.

This year’s art contributors include Sir Paul Smith, Sir Anish Kapoor, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Thierry Noir and Gavin Turk. Songs include John Lennon’s “Imagine”, Max Richter’s “Dream 3” and Tame Impala’s “The Less I Know The Better”. Designs can be perused from tomorrow at Sonos Studio before going on sale 2 May – first come first serve. And for an extra £50, you can book to record your own single at the studio tomorrow.

Here's a taste of our favourite covers, but have an infinite scroll through the full collection on the Secret 7" site:


Ace Hotel, Shoreditch:

There are only so many hours a girl can spend rummaging through cardboard boxes under tables in search of collectors’ items. We’ll spend the evening relaxing on a Max Lamb chaise at the Ace Hotel instead. Ace is releasing a compact cassette collection entitled Music For Intention And Growth: A Purpose-Driven Sound Series, a series of electronic compositions from artists Twin Spring Tapes. The cassettes will be playing all evening at the lounge. They’re being given away for free at the hotel’s in-house Sister Ray record store, too.