These days, we’re more than au fait with the concept of the multi-hyphenate career. Gone are the years of being just one thing (heaven forbid!), the current status quo involves many fingers – and twice as many pies!

It makes sense really, then, that stores are following suit. One such example is Connolly, the Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier-designed space in London’s Mayfair. Traversing the territories of boutique and gallery, Isabel Ettedgui’s highly curated concept is blazing a trail for the combined future of art and retail.

Here is where Lucille Lewin, the legendary Whistles founder-turned-artist and sculptor, is making her solo exhibition debut. A 14-strong collection of porcelain and glass installations, each piece taking months to complete, The Time Between the Time: A Journey to Obsolescence is based upon the notion of humanity’s increasing redundancy; Lucille looks to cutting-edge chemistry as well as traditional techniques to portray her story via organic, almost-animated forms. 

In fact it was precisely their organism-like quality that resonated with Isabel’s vision for the space at Connolly: “Connolly is a lot about textures. The white Georgian panelling with its simple lines acts as a beautiful balance for Lucille’s artwork. So many things can be seen in her work... Chaos, birth, death, decay and nature; like a cosmos of extraordinary shapes that don’t really relate to anything, but make sense.” 

So, while you might initially head to Connolly in the pursuit of a luxury leather tote, you may yet get more than you bargained for (in the best possible way). What does Isabel envisage viewers taking away from the exhibition? 

“A sense of wonder.”

The Time Between the Time: A Journey to Obsolescence’ by Lucille Lewin will be exhibited at Connolly – 4 Clifford Street, London, W1S 2LG – until February, 2018. All images courtesy of Connolly England and Lucille Lewin.