The beauty of Ayurveda is that it’s not a prescriptive or prohibitive one-size-fits-all system – rather, it recognises that we are all unique and ever-changing.

The first step in the philosophy is to understand your mind-body type, which in turn helps you to understand yourself. The Doshas — Vata (Air), Pitta (Fire) and Kapha (Water) — designate the three energies that are in us and everything around us in varying ratios. Gaining a better understanding of your own unique physical and emotional makeup is as simple as taking a Prakriti Test, which draws a conclusion based on your answers.

Those with more Vata in their makeup typically have an energetic and creative mind, and a hunger for excitement and new experiences; Pitta individuals are sharp-witted, direct and very fiery in nature; Kapha people are inherently calm and thoughtful, finding comfort in a routine. Since the Doshas also describe everything around us (from our food to the seasons and more), we can also understand how our environment influences us physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s therefore important to know and be familiar with all three in order to recognise if any are out of balance. From there, you will develop an intuitive understanding of how to bring yourself back into centre and generally feel better.

It's long overdue that we look to the wisdom, knowledge and traditions of ancient Ayurveda and draw on it to help our modern-day issues. As someone with a lot of Vata energy, being caught in the buzz of London and other cities with similar characteristics to my fast-paced and creative nature, all the stimulation can be overwhelming and I can burn out easily – unless I practice my regular meditation and grounding techniques. Conversely, when I’m in the Devon countryside visiting family, I’m super relaxed and find that I need the stimulation of hikes to spike my creativity. In this more laid-back and grounded Kapha state of being, I can even handle the occasional coffee!

There’s really so much that you can take from the Ayurvedic lifestyle, but it all has to be driven by your intention and intuition. I love Ayurveda for reminding me of what is necessary, for my personal mind-body balance on any given day in any situation. Ayurveda is more relevant today than ever in our frantic tech-driven world.

It’s time to remember that we are seasonal creatures born of nature — and when we tune into nature and learn to flow with it, we’re in for so much more of an easy ride.

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