Martin Berg is the Michelin star-studded Head Chef of ARKET – your one-stop shop for Scandi-inspired homeware and fashion. A key player in the New Nordic Food Movement, his cuisine and philosophy is founded on everyday simplicity: Of cooking with locally-sourced traditional foods, inline with the seasonal changes. Here, Martin shares a winning light spring recipe for an easy work lunch.


"One of my favourite ingredients to cook with in spring is nettles – so, I would like to share my recipe for nettle soup with fennel and anise.

This is an easy-to-make meal that you can prepare in a bigger batch to have a couple of servings throughout the week; it is a perfect lunch dish and very nutritious."

Nettle Soup with Fennel and Anise (for four servings):

250g nettles
4 shallots
5 dl vegetable stock
3 dl heavy cream
3g / 1 tbsp fennel seeds
3g / 1 tbsp anis seeds
1g / 1 tsp black pepper
4 eggs
100g butter
100g leftover rye bread
A small bundle of mixed herbs, eg. chives, tarragon or parsley
4 tbsp ARKET olive oil

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