Thinking of taking up a new hobby? Fancy trying your hand at candle making? Funny that, as you’re actually in luck thanks to candle aficionado's Niko Dafkos and Paul Firmin. 

The co-founders of the self-proclaimed “multi-sensorial” lifestyle brand Earl of East – which is home to a candle pouring room, where you can fashion your own soy-based scent – have shared their secrets to the craft in their newly launched book, The Scented Candle Workshop. Guiding us through all the nooks and crannies of the art of candle making, with this how-to, you can make it your ‘thing’ to whip out gorgeous candles come Christmas and birthdays. 

Traversing chapters including ‘Fragrance and Memory’, that sheds light on the history and cunning science behind fragrance, to ‘Materials, which offers insight into the equipment and ingredients, preparing and pouring candles has never been more straightforward. And for those who know squat diddly about candle pouring, you can learn the language of candle art with the handy glossary section, boasting all the terminology you could, well, ever need. Impressive, huh?

Through conjuring up a cauldron of memories and feelings in scent (a hint of mandarin here, a sprinkle of seaweed there), in tandem with digestible methodologies – think wick behaviour testing and the creation of taper candles – the pair of creatives capture the art of building aroma with such passion, it’s infectious! 

Start creating art via or sign up for an in-person candle making workshop via

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