If our April Agenda has left you with an appetite for more art, then head to The Mosaic Rooms in Kensington for further cultural fuel – via Mohamed Melehi and the newly-curated, New Waves: Mohamed Melehi and the Casablanca Art School exhibition.

Three galleries lend themselves as home to the first UK solo exhibition by the Moroccan visionaryThe show is steeped in modernist history and explores post-colonial Morocco through a bright colour palette of optimism via archival material, as well as photographs and unseen paintings, which tell the story of an artist’s journey through political fluctuations.  

Characterised by his vivid and graphically-inclined style, Melehi became moved by cultural differences when travelling to Rome and New York in the mid-1900s. These trips paved the way for his abstract eye to trigger an artistic revolution in his hometown of Asilah, Morocco, years later – thus leading to a distinct pivotal approach to art that embodies the twists and turns of life.

An exhibition which also features fellow Morrocan artists Farid Belkhahia (1934–2014) and Mohamed Chabâa (1935–2013), this show makes for a can't miss on the April cultural calendar.

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