Ah, September. 

Even for those of us who have long since graduated, the month still manages to bring with it a wave of dreaded back-to-school anxiety. Maybe our brains are in their most frazzled state following the on-and-off British heatwave. This, alongside BoJo's decision to suspend Parliament (clearly also feeling the effects of the summer sun), means we're all a teensy bit apprehensive about the month to come.

To remedy this, we've highlighted our top picks for what the hap's in the Capital we love so dearly, to provide as much-needed distraction from the panic currently enveloping London.  Hopefully the bright lights from the UNIQLO: LifeWear Exhibition and shiny magpie-beckoning jewellery at Goldsmith's Fair will outshine a month defined by school and politics. Parliament may be taking a break, but London's culture scene never stops!

Studio Voltaire: House of Voltaire in Mayfair
Non-profit gallery 
Studio Voltaire, renowned for their promotion of emerging artists, is making a pop-up shop comeback, offering you the chance to purchase their one-of-a-kind artworks, homewares and clothing. The carefully-curated store is a new way to engage with art more than just observing, you can be the owner of forward-thinking, millennia-defining pieces. Think artists like Cory Archangel, Ashish and Turner Prize-winning artist Jeremy Deller – i.e. the artists you should and/or will be hearing about.

All proceeds will go right back to supporting budding artists, through Studio Voltaire’s charity initiative. This temporary pop-up is running from 26 September to 21 December; perfect for those who like to get their Christmas shopping done early (or late, we don't judge!). 

The House of Voltaire store is open from 26 September to 21 December in Mayfair, 31 Cork Street, London, W1S 3NU. Main image credit: Francis Ware Photography.

Image credit: Paul Read Photography via goldsmithsfair.co.uk.

Goldsmith’s Fair at Goldsmith's Hall
In the heart of the city of London, glistening in the distance you may find the internationally-acclaimed Goldsmith's Fair. Now in its 37th year, it returns this September to prove its rightful place as the premier UK showcase for jewellery and silverware. They’re celebrating the best of British independent gold and silversmithing; expert curation, exceptional design and exquisite craft abound.

Relish in the opportunity to talk face-to-face with the craftsmen to learn the rich narrative of their design process. The event accomodates designers of the highest accolade; we're talking the likes of Rod Kelly, Charlotte de Syllas and Alan Craxford. If you’re an avid collector, luxury shopper or simply a design lover, go along and embellish your collection with some sophisticated sparkle.

Goldsmith's Fair runs from 24-29 September and 1-6 October at Goldsmith's Hall, Foster Lane, London EC2V 6BN.

UNIQLO: The Art and Science of LifeWear Exhibition
The stately, Neoclassical architecture of Somerset House will soon house a techy, digital, interactive exhibition from Japanese retailer, UNIQLO. They are set to showcase their new line LifeWear, where innovative clothing is created with life’s ever-evolving needs in mind, without sacrificing on style. But it’s no ordinary exhibition; rather a trifecta of perspectives  art, science and craftsmanship being celebrated. As well as presenting their achievements in sustainability, UNIQLO are championing their scientific advancements which pioneer the fashion industry. If you’re intrigued by innovations such as WHOLEGARMENT technology and HEATTECH properties, attend the experiential event and see what the future of modern clothing has to offer.

UNIQLO's The Art and Science of LifeWear: New Form Follows Function Exhibition runs from 10am - 7pm on 17 September - 22 September at Somerset House, The Embankment Galleries, Strand, London, WC2R 1LA.

London Design Festival
It's universally acknowledged that London is THE creative powerhouse; London Design Festival proves exactly that. I
nternationally-renowned designers are asked to create innovative, thought-provoking installations. The event work in collaboration with the V&A, acting as the central hub for these installations, but they also are dotted around London-wide. The event has earned an esteemed reputation going into its 17th year, and this year's 400 installations mean that London doesn't just serve as a backdrop, but becomes an art-piece in its own right. Particularly future-thinking this year, as designs provoke discussions of AI, environment, climate change and technology, celebrate design further through talks and workshops held via the Global Design Forum.

London Design Festival runs citywide from 14-22 September.

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