WHO // Dara Huang

CAREER // Architect and entrepreneur

WHY // Dara and I met in London at a dinner hosted by architect Patrik Schumacher (principle at Zaha Hadid Architects) –  he hosted an intimate group of creative and provocative minds into the inspiring environment of ZHA design gallery space and we immediately hit it off.

"April edition of @wallpapermag."

I admire Dara's boundless energy, the fact that she won’t take no for an answer, her curiosity, her ability to grasp an idea and run with it, her unique humour, and her ongoing support of other independent creative women.

"I'm so excited about a new project we literally just shot and finished last week! #newprojectalert #badassbitches with my girl @ivanastiborova."

Our best memories are our cultural adventures that include food, art and music – where we exchange crazy ideas and figure out if they can work or not (and where we can find and support other creative women).

"@larabohinc killing it with her furniture collection (and outfit!)" 

Follow Dara at @dara_huang – and check in next week to see where the thread takes us next...

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