Last week, Leena Similu nominated Mar Aguilo – soloist dancer for Compañía Nacional de Danza – as her #WomanCrushWednesday. This week, Mar Aguilo nominates Lourdes Cabrera…

WHO // Lourdes Cabrera

CAREER // Photographer.

"Water and soap, 2015" @_lourdescabrera_

WHY // Lourdes is my best friend and a wonderful photographer, who transmits a sensitivity and exquisite beauty in her work.

"Stellata, Italy, 2015" @_lourdescabrera_

She is a delicate, but passionate: A sweet woman, but with a very powerful inner strength. With her red lips, black hair and natural, Andalusian grace, she could be an Almodovar actress!

"Hand and spoon, 2008" @_lourdescabrera_

The best thing about her work, is that her big heart makes the person she photographs so comfortable that she gets the most real and beautiful version of each and every one of us.

Follow Lourdes Cabrera on Instagram at @_lourdescabrera_ and check back this time next week for the next #WCW nomination...

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