Cécile S. Poimboeuf-Koizumi continues the running streak this week with her #WomanCrushWednesday nomination...

Maiko Kurogouchi
Founder and Creative Director of Mame Kurogouchi.

I first came across Mame Kurogouchi's garments at a pop-up in Tokyo last year. I was immediately drawn to the creativity and craftsmanship of the brand.

"Mame Kurogouchi 2020SS collection “Embrace”" @mamekurogouchi

I met Maiko Kurogouchi, the woman and designer behind the brand, this summer. Her garments are very much informed by her own experiences and stories, whether it's a childhood memory or something she saw during her latest travel in the Japanese countryside while sourcing fabrics.

Her brand is her, literally. She doesn't create to please the market, but to share her own vision of the world.

"#mamekurogouchi #2019fw" @mamekurogouchi

This week, Maiko Kurogouchi presented her new SS20 collection at Paris Fashion Week.  It was an event that I was very much looking forward to, and was certainly worth the wait!

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