Editor-In-Chief, Caroline Issa explains how Because will be better.

Over the past few weeks, as the Black Lives Matter movement in America has galvanised the world, we in the UK have been taking a long hard – and overdue – look at the state of racial justice and our colonial history. At Because, and at TANK, we have also been reflecting a great deal about representation in the fashion industry and discussing it within our team and friends and partners. I was recently invited onto a British Fashion Council Zoom call with over a hundred BAME editors/PRs/designers/content creators and while it was amazing to be connected to such an inspiring range of individuals, it is clear that the momentum and the sense of community it has generated makes the time ripe for action.

As the owners of a small media business we have alway tried to give a voice to outsider perspectives not typically found in the mainstream media. That has been the advantage of being independent, and being run by two BAME immigrants. Now, it is time to place these voices at the centre of our work. We will ensure to amplify Black-owned brands, creators and voices from the UK and beyond, here on Because.  We will continue to work on bringing the best of fashion and beauty, championing small brands and sharing people and stories we think you should care about. But we'll be working on expanding the conversation to be more inclusive and relatable to the variety of experiences people, particularly in London, have. Don't hesitate to contact us to share brands or voices you think we should know about!  Ultimately, I hope that our actions will speak louder than words ever can.