It could be said that every painting, poem, novel, and song ever created is in some way shape or form, about love. Well, it could be that everybody likes a good love story? Maybe, or is it that it's a rollercoaster that we will all ride (whether you bought the tickets or not) and no one story is ever the same – after all, it is a fundamental part of the human experience. 

Jewellery juggernauts are well versed in the language of love, with it being the stereotypical gift of choice for many romantic occasions, but Fenton, whose ethos is that they, “exist to help people celebrate love”, have stepped the notion up a notch, publishing a collection of essays celebrating the diversity of relationships and modern love.

Made up with over 40 essays, articles and anecdotes, this dazzling book seeks to challenge, empower and highlight stories of love which do not ‘conform’. Growing up and watching the princess find her prince charming, and live their happy-ever-after may have initially been the dream, but growing up and waking up to the reality that love is far more complex than that, has always been a hard pill to swallow... until now. 

With and electric mix of contributors, from Pandora Sykes, Alain de Botton, Elizabeth Day and Binwe Adebayo, you’ll be able to experience traditions, culture and love, with stories of how each has shaped their lives today. From a forced marriage, 10 things to learn as a divorcee, to losing their virginity, Notes on Love champions the unique stories that offer a naked version of their emotional selves, that is both revealing and transformative.

Laura Lambert, Founder of Fenton expresses that she, “hopes this book will be uplifting, thought-provoking and reframe the way people view love, marriage and commitment.” And, it truly does all that and more. Not only are the stories captivating and honest, 100% of the profits from the sale of the tome will being donated to charity. These include Black Mind Matter, The Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT), Women’s Aid, Coram Beanstalk and IKWRO. Perfect for any table in your house, Notes On Love will be there whether you are looking for a quick flick, or to dive in and get lost. 

Purchase a copy of Notes On Love here.

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