How did you spend your weekend's in the midst of lockdown? Some may have taken to baking banana bread, others may have got there head down into a puzzle, but what can be a better way to relax than with the intellectual reading of an independent zine.

With the aforementioned in her mind, the Copenhagen-based jewellery designer, Sophie Bille Brahe, has created, Weekend, a magazine of all the elements that detail how she enjoys her weekends and all the things that make these so special to her. Focusing on her home – mainly because everyone has been so restricted to it in the last year – the zine features archive imagery of Sophie and her brother, Frederik Bille Brahe, from their childhood and new imagery of Sunday family parties featuring close friends and family. "I wanted to open my childhood home, now when you cannot meet up and eat at the dinners you usually do," explains Sophie. "I started thinking about how you could 'eat together' without being physically together."

Along with the opportunity to look through the lens that is Sophie Bille Brahe's treasured memories, the zine also includes imagery of flower and table arrangements, as well as special recipes by Frederik, inviting the reader to spend their weekend getting creative within their homes, utilising on what they can do in their domain's. If you're stuck as to how to spend your weekend, or you just want some light reading to fill your time, look to Weekend for your weekend activities.

Purchase a copy of Weekend here.

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