On August 4th, a deadly explosion in the Port of Beirut rocked the city, already bearing the challenge of a corrupt government, an infrastructure creaking under its own inefficient weight and much of its society living under the poverty line. 

A few days later, one by one, a group of creatives including our own Caroline Issa, Sabine Getty, Editor-at-Large Tatler; Eli Rezkallah, founder of Plastik; Ahmad Swaid, Head of Content at Dazed Media; stylist and consultant Emilie Kareh; PR consultant Alissa Kobeissi; jewellery designer Noor Fares; homeware designer Petra Palumbo; fashion designers Racil Chalhoub and Sarah Baadarani all banded together to start brainstorming on how they could use their individual networks to create a common goal - support local, trusted charities on the ground whose missions were to rebuild Lebanon and support its people.

On October 26th, they will launch a curated e-shop within the www.beirutrestore.com charity shop with limited edition products from the likes of Dior, Mary Katrantzou, Jean Paul Gaultier, GmbH, GCDS, and so many more.

At the end of November, CFL will partner with another organization, Art for Beirut, to launch a charity auction with partners Sotheby's of donated, one off items with money raised going to a selection of NGOs that have been vetted.

We'll watch this space and keep you up to date on what they have planned under their creative and energized sleeves!

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