Now in lockdown week three, we’re inevitably getting a little sick of the spaces we’ve confined ourselves in. Whether it’s boredom from being surrounded by the same set of walls for weeks, or having serious FOMO from the sun beaming through our windows, our positivity and productivity levels are set to take a downfall the further down the lockdown line we go. 

Dorothy Parker once said that “the cure for boredom is curiosity”, and in times like these, what better way to be curious than to look to new things for inspiration. Without the options of exploring museums or galleries in person – though we can now do so virtually – looking to art that also poses as homeware, makes for a two-in-one entity that brings joy to ourselves and our home decor. 

Anissa Kermiche
Originally known for her jewellery designs, the London-based designer’s venture into ceramics that lovingly encapsulate the female form, have been a hit since her first collection “Love Handles” launched. We’re envisioning her newer series, “Jugs Jug” as act of timely encouragement for those who needing a helping hand in being more body positive.

Dinosaur Designs
We’ve always been a fan of the Australian Label and their innovative approach to creating with resin. From their accessories to tableware, each delicately crafted piece is set enhance any area where it’s displayed. These salt and pepper mills caught our eye for their natural inspiration point, and how they evoke tranquility by reflecting the art of rock balancing.

Part of an exclusive capsule for Matches Fashion, this ceramic side plate’s delicate hand-paintings are set to stimulate nostalgic memories of Jungle Book inspired illustrations – while also being the perfect accompaniment to any Tiger King obsessed household. Warning: a slice of cake on this quaint crockery may summon wanderlust imaginings of safari landscapes.

Scents are known for doing transformative things for our mindsets, and these candles from Baobab will not only motivate you through smell, but through sight too. What better way to brighten a mood than a sniff of Neroli and Citrus, and with the added visual experience of their hand-blown casing, these candles are set to inspire.

Find more homeware-and-art pieces below:

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