Photography by Keith Morrison

At this moment, we don't need more high heels, instead, we need things that fill our homes with beautiful things that bring joy. With the majority of us spending the next few weeks within our house walls, we're in need of something to visually stimulate our eyes and to uplift our surroundings. And when we saw Lauren Manoogian's edit of Lætitia Jacquetton vessels, we wanted to share it with you to bring as much joy as it did for us.


Lætitia Jacquetton, a French artist that has honed her focus in recent years into glass blowing, has joined forces with Brooklyn-based fashion designer Lauren Manoogian (a purveyor of re-imagining neutrals in the softest of knits) on a 21-piece collection of glass vases that are as rooted to the earth as they are sublimely exquisite. Selling in the brand's e-store as well as her bricks and mortar boutique, the vessels delicately connect nature with hand-craft;  these are handblown glass receptacles laid over rocks collected from Mother Earth and sculpted along their natural lines. "The rocks are like a diary of organic forms collected through [Lætitia's] travels," shares Manoogian, as she explains why she loves the bespoke creations. "They find a new purpose but are always connected to their original site. The end piece is a response to the object found in nature and its unique properties. I like the intention and the respect of the uncontrollable elements that are part of the process...That is what makes each piece so alive and special, like a character."

Lauren Manoogian by Zander Taketomo

The two respective designers met in Paris a few years ago, and connected both in friendship and on a creative level, through a mutual artistic philosophy of sculpture. "We both are very deeply involved and invested in the skilled technical process, of glass and textiles, but also need to allow room for an unexpected result," says Manoogian. "I think we both are humble to the process, the outside elements and hands involved that create the end result. I think this makes them approachable and lends themselves to elevating daily life." And with its understated beauty that astounds with joyful effect, they are bound to do exactly that. 

For those living across the pond, you can view and buy the collection via appointment at the Lauren Manoogian Store, 3 Centre Market Pl, New York, NY 10013. Alternatively, you can buy the collection online here.

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