What... An Eym Create Candle

Why... Because we all need some uplifting natural scents to elevate our home.

It's day four of working from home for the Because team, and to say that the restraints of self-isolation are a just a bit frustrating, would be the biggest understatement since Boris declared that, that very action wouldn't be necessary. 

To avoid slowly falling into the depths of solitude-induced insanity, we, along with the rest of the nation are desperately looking for the simple pleasures that'll bring a smile to our faces. Therefore, enter Eym: the natural candle company producing products designed to aid your wellness, as well as scenting the room.

Incorporating the wonders of aromatherapy; that have been proven to positively influence our mindsets, the candles range from improving your meditation techniques to unwinding you ready for sleep. During this bleak and mundane period, we're heroing the Create candle for it's uplifting and energising properties. Crafted with Orange, Bergamot and Black Pepper essential oils to optimise cognitive function and reduce stress – it's also made with 100% natural products – a few sniffs of this happy scent will inevitably lead to lighter spirits. Its minimal design ensures that it'll comfortably fit into the home of any aesthetic-inclined millennial, further enforcing that this candle is a pure acquisition set to bring optimistic energy for those who light it.

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