Artwork by Mathieu Julien.

No amount of April showers are going to dampen our spirits this month; with lockdown restrictions having started to ease and the re-opening day for restaurants and pubs getting nearer, there's so much to be excited about. 

Adding to that every-growing list of reasons to smile are this month's cultural happenings, which include a mix of in person as well as virtual events – don't worry, this isn't a cruel April Fools joke!

Allez La France! at the Saatchi Yates Gallery
You would normally see the respective works of Jin Angdoo, Mathieu Julien, Hams Klemens, and Kevin Pinsembert painted across the walls and tunnels of Paris and Marseille. But this spring finds them in plonked in the midst of Mayfair, part of the Saatchi Yates gallery's latest exhibition: Allez La France! All four artists are part of a collective who choose outdoor structures as their canvas, and define themselves as abstract expressionists rather than street artists. Opening April 12th, this is the first exhibit where all four artists will be showing together, without the usual risk of having their work being painted over.

Visit Allez la France! at the Saatchi Yates gallery between April 12th and May 26th, at 6 Cork St, Mayfair, London W1S 3NX. 

Dining Domes at Somerset House
Dining out at a restaurant has never seemed more like a luxury than it does now, but this new experience from Somerset House takes it up a level. Following on from the success of December in the Courtyard, the arts centre will be hosting Dining Domes on the River Terrace, that overlooks the Thames. Lunch, afternoon tea and dinner can all be enjoyed with an uninterrupted view of the iconic riverscape, as well as the added joy of having heaters to keep you warm while you sit in the outdoor structure. Bon appetit! 

The Dining Domes at Somerset House will be open from April 14th to May 2nd, you can book your table here.

The Dalston Wine Club Sager + Wilde Wine Tasting
Wine connoisseurs, get your taste of Italy without leaving your living room via the next wine tasting event by The Dalston Wine Club. April 22nd will see the next iteration of the Zoom event, where founder Hannah Crosbie, hosts the tasting with an ever-changing group of winemakers from all over the globe. This month, she's partnered with founder of Sager + Wilde, Michael Sager and winemaker Marta Sierota, who will guide you through a selection of Tuscan wines whilst sharing their invaluable knowledge of the vineyard region. You'll receive your bottle of Canaiolo Rosé 2020 and red Gavagai 2019 prior to the evening, ready for you to pop open and enjoy in a educational experience – when we put it like that, it seems rude not to!

Illustration is by Emma Dragovic.

The Dalston Wine Club Sager + Wilde Wine Tasting will take place on April 22nd at 7pm till 9pm, you can book your spot here.

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