After a year where self-love has been of upmost priority – mental health charity, Mind, have found that more than half of adults (60%) and over two thirds of young people (68%) have said their mental health got worse during lockdown –  it seems appropriate that we should be showing ourselves some love this Valentines Day.

And as we've all felt life's brunt over the years, we asked what our favourite creatives would tell their younger selves, now that they know how far they've come. Read there letters of love to hear what they have to say, and you might find a piece of advice that'll bring some much needed optimism.

Dear younger me,

My advice would be...

"Don’t worry, you’ll still look 30 when you are 40, so you can afford some mis-adventures. But within all your misadventure, my other advice is – don't forget the magic of a small gesture. Contrary to what my friends might say, I’m quite a romantic at heart. We use jewellery to show people that we care about them. That's where the Love Letters collection came from, it's about saying the important things we perhaps forget to say often enough. Being English, we’re not renowned for expressing emotion, hopefully these letters and phrases will make it that little bit easier to say the things we should, in this dark new land where we need to hear them most"

Christopher Thompson Royds, jewellery designer

Motley x Christopher Thompson Royds Love Letters collection is available to buy here.

"Don’t take yourself too seriously as everything is going to work out just fine. I know you want to do well at school and make your family proud, but you also need to sit back from time to time and take it all in. Hard work is a good thing but it’s in everything else, the going clubbing until 5am, and the lazy days exploring museums and art galleries with friends that you will find a true inspiration. Keep that inquisitive spirit and love of art and architecture alive, as it not only nourishes your soul, but it will inspire so much of what you are yet to create. Grab every opportunity to travel and to experience new cultures. Stay true to you and don’t be ruled by what’s in fashion. But most of all keep going, it will be worth it."

Eudon Choi, founder and creative director of his namesake label 

Eudon back in 2006

"Don't worry about being and feeling different; in time it will all slot into place. Don't ever stop believing in magic and spells and the universe, people will tell you that you're being "silly", don't let them. People will hear your big dreams and smile, never imagining that they could become a reality, don't let them deter you from having a fire in your soul. Be nicer to your parents, they do the best that they can, always, in time, you will realise that every moment of health, joy and togetherness is more precious than you could ever imagine.

Love, Rosh x"

Rosh Mahtani, founder of Alighieri

Baby Rosh with her father

"To speak up and trust yourself. It doesn’t matter if things don’t go the way you planned, and you might get turned down along the way, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get to where you want to go, you might just take a different route. And your idea of success, or the end destination might change too - that’s ok, be as flexible as possible, working for yourself is not a straight path, or the easy option.  It’s also ok to ask for help, in fact I encourage you to. There are kind people out there, who will love to share their wisdom, and contacts along the way. Just make sure you’re happy and proud of the work you’re creating, it makes it all the effort worthwhile."

Chiara Perano, artist

Chiara’s exclusive collection for Liberty launched in 2020, which was a dream moment for her

"Keep doing what you're doing, enjoy the journey, trust yourself and the process. It's so easy for self-doubt to take hold without the ability to see what's coming. But it's coming, every action you choose, every chance you take is getting you there, whether or not things work out for the better. Every moment of creativity, love and joy expressed brings you closer to yourself and to your purpose, create with abandon, don't be too hard on yourself. Let go of the weight of others expectations. Growth is your superpower and there will be lots of it to do. You won't always win, but you most certainly will not lose. Deep breaths, remember who you are because that is all you'll need to be. The magic you so deeply yearn for is there. Trust me, I am you and I love you."

Ibi Meier-Oruitemeka, founder of The Afro Hair & Skin Co.

Mini Ibi, a time when she felt like she was starting to come into her own

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