It’s finally time to discover the world of sustainable British jewellery and homeware brand Completedworks IRL. Launching a new studio and showroom in North Marylebone, this first physical manifestation of the brand’s world comes as a result of the brand’s success; according to the label, sales have close to doubled in recent years. And along with success comes artistic director and founder Anna Jewbury’s desire to create a more intimate relationship between brand and her customer; really showcasing the story of Completedworks under one roof. The new space, all poured concrete and class, will allow customers to personally meet the designer and her team as well as have the opportunity to create bespoke pieces.

The space, which will surely land on a zillion pinterest pages, was designed by Hollie Bowden, the interior designer of the moment whose work weaves together a zen minimalism that contrasts nature-inspired man-made elements. We can see how Hollie’s sensibilities aligned with Anna’s focus on everyday beauty and sculptural forms, resulting in a triumphantly earthy yet brutalist combination. Take the industrial metal beams and pillars that support the space holding up raw features like exposed brick walls, which are softened with a wash of lime paint. You’ll also notice folded and hammered cupboard handles which are directly inspired by the brand’s best-selling ‘Cohesion’ earrings, which are made from melted-down precious metal offcuts. 

Together, Anna and Hollie also designed stand-alone pieces to display jewellery and homewares that fill the space. Pairing Completedworks' self-professed reductive style of jewellery design with Hollie’s favoured stripping back to essence, the collaboration sees the reinvention of utilitarian styles, sculptural shapes, and strict lines, to create a space that puts the small, deliberate details of both creative's technicality on display.


The showroom is located at 69A Lisson Street, North Marylebone, and will be open to visitors Monday to Friday 9am-6pm, and selected Saturdays, by private appointment through their website